Ann Catherine Jose

Grit: Passion & Perseverance

Recently, I started watching the YouTube series Talks at Google and today I came across this video Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth, the researcher, author and professor of Psychology at UPenn. I had seen her TED talk earlier and this talk was even better where whe unpacked a lot of details on the concept of grit. This post is to share the key takeaways I got from the talk.

Upgrading my blog engine Hugo and content

Today I upgraded my blog engine Hugo from version 0.30.0 to 0.73.0. It’s been a while since I upgraded, so I was not sure how easy or difficult it will be. The upgrade completed quickly, but my entire home page (running locally) went blank right after the upgrade. With a good amount of googling, reading through the documentation and a few tweaks in my folder structure, I was able to bring it back up and running and published it.

Tinkering with VS Code, MacOS and C++

After a long time, I got the time to tinker with something fun and learn from it, thanks to the week-long break from work. The task at hand is to set up Visual Studio for Mac to compile/run/debug C++ programs. Why, you may wonder - for the past few months, I have been craving to learn something different and I was hooked when I saw the book Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ by Adam Drozdek.

What do I really want

The other day I watched a TED video where the presenter urged the audience to ask the question What do you really want? That got me thinking what do I really want. It is an interesting question to ask myself, since I have tried different roles and responsibilites - broad and deep - in the last couple of years. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found the book Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ by Adam Drozdek on my bookshelf.

How to mock network requests in iOS

One of the challenges of mobile application development is to ensure that the application is resilient to various error responses from the services that are consumed by the application. Mobile devices are more susceptible to network connectivity issues, timeout etc. So we need to take extra care to make sure that we test all error scenarios and handle them in a meaningful manner. What and Why of Mocking Even though we are convinced about the benefits of testing server errors, these services are running in Production serving real customer requests.

Learn GraphQL By Example

I have been using GraphQL in my work project for a few months now and I love it. But all my learnings of this technology have been in a hurry and mainly from a consumption standpoint as a mobile developer. So I wanted to learn it much deeper, tinker with it and finally write this blog to share my learnings and cement my understanding. Finally got the time to do it this weekend.

Swift 4.2 - What's New

In this post, I would like to share what’s new in Swift 4.2. All the code displayed in this post is available at my GitHub repo my-learnings/Swift4.2. Random Number Generation Swift 4.2 added random number generator API to standard library. You can use it on Int, Double, Float, CGFloat and Bool. It also provides a convenient API randomElement which returns a random element from a sequence It also provides the APIs shuffle and shuffled to shuffle a sequence 1 2 let randomInt = Int.

GraceHopper 2018 Highlights

I am at the Houston IAH airport waiting to board the flight to go home after 3 days of inspiration, motivation, technology, friendship and pure awesomeness. Yes, I was at Grace Hopper Celebration 2018 (aka GHC 2018), the world’s biggest gathering of women technologists. This year, GHC has 20,000 attendees representing 90 countries. It was such an inspiring experience for me that I thought I should share my experiences and learnings with you my friends.


Fastlane is a suite of simple yet powerful tools to automate building and releasing iOS and Android apps. It takes care of the mundane tasks of mobile application development like generating screenshots, managing provisioning profiles, code signing, beta deployments and releasing the application. It is very popular in the mobile developer community and the best part - it is completely open source. The Toolchain fastlane comes out-of-the-box with a set of very good tools (better known as actions) such as:

Google IO 2017

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Google I/O last week and absolutely loved it. I learned a lot of things during the three days. Btw, it was tiring too with the continuous sessions and the sunny Sun. This post is an attempt to share the main highlights and the announcements that I found interesting. If you attended the event or watched the sessions online, let me know if there were more things that you found interesting.